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Sensual Showers

Adult erotica isn't just for the guys! A Ladies Home Journal survey found that 47% of females reported using erotica or adult entertainment to enhance their sexual experiences. In our years of viewing adult entertainment, we've found that you can't make assumptions about what women or couples want in their erotica... but we knew what we were looking for!

Andrew Blake, our favorite producer one said Average porn is anti-erotic. in contrast, his films are decadent, lush, opulent, unfailingly arousing, moneyed and sophisticated.... and we love them! But we also find ourselves wanting to relate.. to experience the reality of real couples having real sex.

And that is what the community here at Tempting Dreams is all about. This is our playground. A place to explore our erotic creativity!

In this swank hardcore video entitled: Sensual Showers, you will find Parrish and I enjoying a passionate shower. Nothing like getting wet and dirty at the same time!

An Erotic Story to Accompany This Video Entitled:  Sensual Showers

The feel of your firm soft body nestled back against me as we shower together (must conserve water of course!) and I soap your breasts and your tummy from behind with sweet low scented soap. As the lather builds, so does the heat in your pussy as my fingers find their way southward towards your hot core. You spread your legs slightly and allow me just a hint of access to the treats I know lie within. My finger tip grazes to hood of your clit and with a start, you can feel it emerging from its protective cover; I take the bold move to insert my soapy finger slowly into the entrance of your full vulva and gently squeeze those lips between my fingers and thumb.

At the same instant, my other hand cups your left breast and lifts the firm globe as I brush across the turgid aroused nipple with the flat of my thumb. You moan softly, "Oh yes, my darling! Like that!' as your hand snakes between us and you grip my hard cock in your delicate soft hand. You stroke me slowly and gently as I tug and pull your engorged outer labia and pry them apart to allow a stream of warm water to splash directly on your exposed clit!

You move your feet a little wider and with that movement, my fingers slip fully inside you; the slickness of your cum drenched pussy combines with the foam on my hand to allow even deeper penetration. As you stroke my cock – a little awkwardly since your hand has to reach between our snuggly fitted bodies - I speed the movements of my fingers as your pussy grips them tightly in a wave of another orgasm while I continue to roll your nipple top its hardest ever!

As the shower flows around us, the soap is rinsed off your body and I turn you around to face me and lift your right leg to the molded seat in the corner of the tub surround.

You lean back against the end of the stall as I crouch before you and as I do, I start at your neck (after a soft brush of my lips across yours of course), down to your rising and heaving chest to lave the glistening and softly scented skin of each tit. I start at the crease under each where they meet the wall of your ribcage since I know how sensitive this is for you and then move upwards, over the gentle curve of each breast to the glorious hard nipples crowning them. I circle each nipple in turn with the flat of my tongue as you grasp my hair and try to force me to feast on those delectable morsels. I only resist for a moment and then proceed to suck on each as you are overcome with a nipple induced orgasm and I can smell that cum flowing!

Waiting no longer - I can't bear not tasting you - I finally crouch before the altar I worship and descend upon your heated flowing pussy. With your leg raised you have opened yourself to me and you grip my hair so hard I think you will pull it out. Your other hand flies out to grab the shower rod to steady yourself as you start to hump my face. Pulling me deeper and deeper into you, I reach my tongue almost to the edge of your g-spot; sensing the proximity is enough to send you into spasms of orgasmic delight and your sweet cum - the most wonderful taste in the world to me - fills my mouth and flows down my throat as I devour you!

I move my tongue to your clit and suck it with my yearning lips; I replace it in your pussy with my fingers, I do curve all three upwards to touch your g-spot and as I do, a jolt of electricity seems to pass through you as you shudder again and again!

Not to be outdone, I stand and lifting you out of the tub, still dripping wet, lean you over with your hands braced on the vanity facing the lighted mirror over the sink. I spread your legs wider and with one thrust, drive my steel hardened cock all the way into you almost lifting you off the floor. You look into the mirror as I pound into you - you meet every thrust - and meet my eyes. Both of our eyes are smoldering with the pent up passion and need to cum and within a few minutes we are crying out together, "I'm cumming!"

You spray gush and gush of your sweet juices along my imbedded cock as I fill you to overflowing with my hot cum spurt after spurt! Our juices mix together and run down our legs to the tile floor.

Quickly, I lower myself behind you and fasten my mouth over your still pulsating pussy to capture the entire outflow, swallowing most of that delicious cocktail but turning you and kissing you deeply as we share our taste with you!

As my cock softens, I lean over your back, cupping your full breast in my hands and whisper, "I love you and will for an eternity, my darling!"

You respond in kind as we step into the still running shower to rinse our sated bodies and then, after toweling ourselves dry, we walk hand in hand to the bedroom and climb under our cozy comforter. We melt into each other's arms and sleep full of dreams about our future to come – so full of love and happiness.



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