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Public Seduction

An Erotic Story to Accompany This Video Entitled:  Public Seduction

I had heard through friends and hearing ads on the radio of a new and upbeat party spot. It really was a bar with a few dance floors. At least that's the way I took it as. I'm not one to frequent the bars but I was in a rare mood and needed to get out. None of my friends was available for the night that I wanted to go, so after some deliberation, I decided to go solo. Hey, it might be even more exciting and I wouldn't have to worry about someone wanting to go home early or anything like that.

After I heated a plate of leftovers to eat, (I never go to the bar on an empty stomach) I quickly showered. I searched my closet trying to find something seductive to wear. Like I said, I was in a rare mood, and I wasn't going to object picking someone up myself. I found my black dress with white piping around the hem. It was a sleeveless dress with only thin spaghetti straps; it had a deep v-neck, which made my chest look even bigger. I usually don't go without a bra but with this dress, one wasn't needed. It held my firm breasts in place. The dress was of silky material and gently flowed up below my ass. To feel even sexier I opted to skip the underwear. Who would know if I was wearing any or not? Plus, the cool air felt good along my fresh wax job. I found my black satrapy heels and I was ready to go.

When I arrived, the atmosphere didn't surprise me. It was just like any other typical dance club/bar. It was dark, smoky and the music was blaring. I made my way to the bar and ordered a Jack Daniels and Coke, no prissy drinks for this girl. I grabbed a seat at the bar and thought maybe I should have put on that thong, at the least. My dress still wasn't long enough for me to wrap under my butt to protect my goods. However, I didn't hesitate and just propped up against the edge, at least I wasn't sitting directly on it all the way. I noticed a guy across the bar looking at me. At first, I thought that this was just a typical way for a guy to pick up a girl, I've seen it time after time. He smiled at me and winked. I couldn't help feeling excited as we exchanged glances and some meaningless flirting across the way. I was on my second drink as he got up and walked towards the end of the bar where I was. He noticed how I was sitting and smirked.

"My name is Dan. Is there gum on that seat?" he asked. I couldn't help but laugh. I introduced myself and replied, "No, just...um wasn't sure how long I was going stick around here for." Whether he bought that or not, I really didn't care. This guy was gorgeous, almost resembling Johnny Depp. He was tall and athletic, dark haired and tanned nicely. He sat in the seat next to me, double checking before sitting down. He had a sense of humor that I enjoyed. The more we talked and laughed the more he moved closer to me, I was feeling more and more comfortable with him.

After another drink or two, we decided to hit the dance floor. I wasn't really prepared to dance when I arrived but I thought what the hell, why not? I have never really done any "dirty" dancing that these kids do these days. But I can see how hard it is to resist with a very handsome man in front of me.

We were dancing very close, my hands feeling his sculpt back and chest, his hands, not as adventurous at first, but found their way from the small of my back to my butt. I think now he realized why I was sitting the way that I was, as he gently squeezed my butt as a mischievous smile appeared across his face. The songs that were playing were fast paced and didn't stop. No one was paying attention to anyone else but whom they were dancing with. At one point, I found myself facing away from him, with my ass oh so close to his groin. His hands were exploring my body, which was not hard to do with this tight silky dress on. When his hands reached my hips, his left hand wrapped around to my stomach and he started to guide me to the same rhythm as he was moving. His left hand ventured down my leg and around my thigh, it continued it's way up, under my short dress till his hand was on my butt cheek. I was surprised that this didn't happen any sooner.

We continued to move together as I reached behind me and wrapped my arms around him towards his back, bringing him closer to me. His right hand continued its journey from my butt cheek around my leg again and to the inside of my thigh. If I wasn't already excited, I definitely was now. In response to his move I explored with my right hand and moved it around behind me, like a magnet it immediately found the bulge in his pants. It was no doubt he was excited as I was, as we moved together in motion he came down and kissed the top of my head and moved his fingers on his right hand ever so closer to my throbbing and swelling pussy. I am not a good sport when it comes to teasing, I wanted him to have his way with me right there on the dance floor. I rubbed my hand up and down his bulge, trying to show him how much I wanted him right then. As if he could read my mind, he whispered to me, "Follow me." He didn't have to tell me twice.

He took my hand and gently, but hurriedly, led me towards the back of the dance floor. I couldn't help but wonder if he had this already planned out. Did he frequent this club and pick up all the single women? I didn't want to think about it, my body wouldn't let me. I quickly let the thought go away as I was more curious as to where we were going. He led me down a hall where groups of girls were walking towards us, checking their lipsticks and pushing up their hair. He led me into the men's restroom and locked the door.

I had never been in a men's restroom before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Surprisingly the bathroom was clean, big, and empty. The stalls were at one side with urinals on the other. Towards the door, there were sinks on both sides with mirrors above them. He grabbed me and pulled me as close to him as I could be, feverishly kissing me, engulfing my mouth with his tongue. I could feel his dick through his pants up against my leg; it felt amazingly thicker than before. He leads me towards one side of the restroom towards the sinks, his hands exploring every inch of my body up under my dress. He lifts me up and sets me atop the counter. I open my legs willingly and ready for him to pound my pussy. As he rubs my thighs and, still teasingly, nears my clit and lips, I unbuckle his belt and as fast as ever, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants so that they fall to the floor. His cock is dying to be released and I take a second to admire it's size packed away in his boxer briefs. He lifts my dress up over my head and has the same admiration for my breasts. He starts to rub them and suck on the already hard and perky nipples. I pull his briefs down, expose his luscious thick cock, and start to jack him off with one hand as I reach down towards my clit with my other hand.

He sees this and makes him even more crazed. He kisses my neck and breasts more, and leads the kisses down to my stomach as he moves my hand away from my clit. With his tongue he finally reaches the spot I so wanted him to touch me at. He runs his tongue along my clit and lips, seeing how wet and ready I am for him. His tongue slips inside of me as I move down closer to the edge of the counter. I thrust my hips up towards his face, wanting him deeper inside me. As he is fucking me with his tongue, his hands continue to rub and squeeze my tits. One hand ventures down towards my clit and he gently rubs it. Before I know it, two of his fingers are up inside me, deep inside me. As he is pumping me with his fingers, he knows I want his thick cock inside me. He finds my spot and continues to work it until I scream in ecstasy and cum all over his fingers and hand.

I can tell he is pleased with my performance, if I thought his cock was big before, it was bulging bigger now. It was ready to pound a wet and willing pussy. Just as I thought he was going to start Act 2 he picks me up off of the counter and he sits down on it instead. I knew what he wanted and I wasn't going to argue. As I bend down to greet his thick cock, I let his cock find it's way around my breasts. Making sure that his eager dick felt every inch of them, including my erect nipples. I then guided my breasts so that his cock was right in between them. He seemed to really enjoy this so I squeezed my tits together as his thrusted his hips up and down, fucking my breasts. I could see that he was about to cum so I pulled away, my turn to tease him. I bend down and lick the tip of his cock, sucking up the pre cum that has come out of him. I lick the shaft of his big cock flat with my tongue and start to play with his balls. They were tight and full of cum. I teased him a little more before engulfing his cock in my mouth. He tasted so delicious and sweet. As I sucked his cock deep in my throat I swallowed the pre cum that was squirting out. I decided that he wasn't going to get off that easily and sucked him hard one last time before pulling his cock out of my mouth. I teasingly licked the head as he tried to enter my mouth again.

He got off of the counter and pressed his body up next to mine, his enormous cock finding its way between my legs to my dripping wet pussy. His tongue again explores the inside of my mouth as I was ready to quit this charade and throw him to the floor. His hands explore every inch of my back and ass. As he grabs my ass he lifts me into the air and I wrap my legs around his hips, it all seemed like slow motion as his cock found the oh so sacred hole of mine, and he gently and slowly pushed the head of his thick cock into me. He carries me this way to the wall to support me as I hold on to him and his dick enters farther up into me. He sets me down on the edge of the counter and I lean back until my head is up against the mirror. I wanted to watch and take this all in. I wanted to see my wet pussy take in his enormous cock, would I even be able to take him all the way in me, I wondered. I didn't know this size of a cock even existed. He could tell that I was enjoying this dirty deed of watching his performance so he would push in and out of me in long slow strides. It was driving me crazy. I shouted to him, "fuck me and fuck me hard!" That sly of a smile that he's had on his face got bigger and he replied, "Oh don't worry, babe, you won't forget this." He grabs onto each sink on either side of me and concentrates his gaze on me, watching this monstrosity making my pussy swell even more. As he enters me, he continues with his long slow stride but each push into me goes deeper and harder. As he leans forward to kiss me, he does one finally thrust and his balls are smacking against my ass. I almost can't believe he did it; he's all the way up in me. He picks up his pace and pumps me as hard and fast as I can take it. His thick huge cock feels like it's up into my stomach, but he feels so damn good. He directs his kisses to my breasts again and starts to lick and suck on my nipples, I am so close to cumming but I don't want him to stop. This is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. It's amazing how a stranger can get me so excited and knows exactly what my body wants and needs. I couldn't phantom how that was possible and didn't dwell on it any further.

As he fucks me hard and sucking my tits, I run my hands all over his body and mine. I hold onto the breast that he's sucking as my other hand ventures down towards our conjoined region. I feel his cock as it enters inside of me and start to rub my clit. I am so ready to cum all over him. He works even faster and harder, hard to believe that's even possible. He hits that spot inside of me dead on again and I can't contain myself any longer. I scream out in ecstasy and my cum coats his cock and pours out of my pussy, this in turn make him squirt deep and long inside me. Together we cum and stop our grinding to catch our breaths. As he pulls out of me, the cum we created poured out of me, we couldn't help but laugh.

As we clean up and get dressed, he gives me his famous kiss and hands me his business card. I couldn't help but joke about our "business arrangement". We exited the bathroom, neither of us caring about who heard what just took place. We both left the club and went our separate ways. I could still feel cum coming out from me, I was getting exciting again just thinking about him. I didn't call him after our rendezvous; I really didn't have a reason why. A few weeks later a few of my girlfriends wanted to get together and go out. They all wanted to check out the new club in town, I went along, not divulging in my erotic experience there. I figured I'd let them see it for themselves.



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