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Blindfolded Seduction

One Of The Best Nights


I woke up nice and early in the morning to check my emails. I had received a message from my best friend telling me that if I was free that night he wanted me to bring the new toy that he had given me the day prior.

I went to work as usual, but could not concentrate on any of my jobs because I was thinking about what was in store for me tonight. I called my friend during lunch to make sure everything was on for tonight and he confirmed. He also told me that I would have the best night ever. He instructed me that when I get off work I was to go home and take a shower and prepare for a total night of fun. He also wanted me to not only bring the butt plug he had given me the day prior but he wanted me to insert it into my ass all the way. He instructed me to use the lubricant that was in the bag with it. I was then instructed to drive all the way to his house with the toy inserted. All he wanted me to wear was a T-shirt and sweat pants. No panties or bra.

When I got off work I went home and took a shower. As usual I shaved to make sure I was nice and smooth for him. He liked my pussy smooth like silk. I reached for my towel and dried my hair and body off. I then looked for the bag containing the butt plug and ripped open the package of lubricant that it came with and rubbed it all over the butt plug. I slowly inserted it into my ass. The thin part felt good going in, but as the wider part started to enter I felt some pain. So I stopped and let my spincher get used to the wideness of what was already inserted. I then thought that it might be better if I lust put the butt plug down on the toilet cover. I spread my ass cheek's and sat down on the tip of the plug. It slowly went in. I then thought it might go in if I decided to fuck my ass with it. That idea started to work. Each time my spincher got stretched out, I let it rest and them pushed down on it more. Finally I felt excruciating pain and them felt a pop. It was all the way in. My spincher closed up on the stem of the plug.

I was so proud of my self being able to insert the toy all by my self. I was also shocked that my pussy was wet just by my going down on the butt plug

I then proceeded to put on my T-shirt and sweat pants as instructed. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed out to my car. As I drove to his house, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. It was amazing on how the butt plug moved with every bump I hit on the road. As I was driving to his place, I my cell phone rang and it was him. He told me that he did not want me to drive to his place, he wanted me to meet him at parking lot and park my car and wait for him.

I drove to the destination he had instructed me to go and waited. I saw his van pull up. He signaled me to come into his van and lock the door. He then instructed me to sit in the back passengers seat. The windows were tinted and no one could see me from the outside. He then gave me a blind fold to tie around my eyes. I then felt the van move and I felt his lips on mine. Then he reached for my tits from outside my T-shirt and then lifted the T-shirt up over my head. He then started to lick and suck on my neck and worked his way down until he got to my breasts. He licked and played with each nipple. Then he reached into my sweat pants and reached to see how wet my pussy was.

"Hey babe, do you know your pussy is wet, just waiting for me?". I was not allowed to talk to him. The rules were that once the blind fold was on I was no longer allowed to speak a word. The only sounds I was allowed to make were sounds of enjoyment. He finger fucked my pussy for a short time and then left me alone in the back of the van. I then felt the van drive away. I was blind folded, so I did not know where I was going. It seemed like we were driving around for about 15 minutes.

Still blind folded I did not know where I was, I heard a garage door go up and then down. I remained seated until I heard the slider door open of the van and I was helped out of the van. I was only wearing my sweat pants. My friend whispered in my ear as he kissed it "we are here now." Then he reached for my sweat pants and pulled them off.

He lead me to a door way and I heard the door open. I felt a bit of cool air hit my naked body. I immediately felt my nipples rise. He stood behind me and reached his hands round my abdomen and reached form my clit. He rubbed my clit ever so softly. Then he moved one hand to by ass and felt my butt plug and tugged on it a bit. I was so hot and bothered by everything so far that I think If he was not training me to control my orgasms I would have had one right then and there. All he said to me at this point was "Good Girl."

He led me inside. There was soft music playing and the smell of flowers filled the air. He led me into the room more and I could feel on my bear feet a rug. It must have been only a 10 x 10 mat actually. He then instructed me to kneel down and sit back on my feet, then place my hands in my lap. He told me that I was not to move my hands from my lap no matter what. The only time I was allowed to move my hands from my lap when if he instructed me to do so. He asked me if I understood the rules and I nodded yes.

I could feel him walk around me to the front of me. The next thing I felt the warmth of a cock at my face. I then felt a pair of hands reach for my head and pull my mouth onto the warm hard cock. I opened my mouth to accept the tip of my friends cock. He held the tip of the cock still in my mouth for a while. Then he took a step towards me and pushed it all the way in. He pushed it as far as it would go until I started to gag. I usually gag the first few times a hard cock enters it. Once I got used to it and did not gag any more, He used both his hands and held my face close to his abdomen and fucked my mouth with some force. Every once in a while he would pull out a bit to allow me to take a breath and then he would ram it in again. He came in my mouth and I swallowed all that he had to give me. He removed his cock from my mouth and rubbed it on my lips and chin and patted me on the shoulder and kissed my lips showing his approval. Then he helped me up onto my feet and led me out to the back yard where there were chairs and told me to just relax and enjoy the fresh air. He was going to set up the room inside and would come out to get me when it was ready.

I did as was instructed I laid back on the lounge chair and listened to the music. I must have been so relaxed that I fell a sleep. The next thing I knew my friend was waking me up softly with kisses around my face. Then once awake he took my hands and led me inside again. Still blind folded I was unable to see where I was or where I was going.

He led me to what seemed like a bed but it was close to the floor so it could have been a mattress. He instructed me to keel down on my elbows and knees. The air conditioning must have been turned off because the room felt warmer than before. The next thing I felt was his hand reaching for my inner thighs. And heard him moan in appreciation being able to feel my juices starting to make its way down my legs. Then all of a sudden there it was his tongue licking the out side lips of my pussy. I could feel myself slipping away and almost about to cum, until he found his way to my clit with his mouth and bit down on it softly. It caused some pain but stopped me from exploding. Then he slipped a finger deep inside my pussy. He used his fingers to spread apart my outer lips to now be able to insert his tongue into my pussy. He immediately started to rub my clit hard then he put it in his mouth again. He sucked on my clit softly and then stopped. He then gave me permission to have my first orgasm of the night. He continued to suck on my clit harder and continued to finger fuck me. He was sucking so hard and fast that I wasted no time at all and just released my first load of pussy juice into his mouth. He licked it up slowly and moaned each time he reached my clit. He then instructed me that I was again not able to cum until he gave me permission to do so. He did not want to catch all of my pussy juice as he wanted to leave my pussy somewhat wet.

After I came he got up and I heard him open up a door that sounded like a refrigerator and then handed me something cold. It tuned out it was water. He then propped up some pillows and told me to sit up against the pillows. I was not in a total sitting position, but in a recline position on this little mattress type platform.

After I drank the water he told me he wanted me to empty my bladder, so he helped me into the bathroom. He told me I was not to take off my blind fold at all and that when I was done I was to knock at the door and he would escort me out of the bathroom. When I was done emptying my bladder I knocked at the door, the door opened and I felt his hand reach for mine. He then reached down and rubbed my pussy and noticed that it was dry after I had used the restroom.

He told me to kneel down right where I was. He then stepped in front of me and again inserted his cock into my mouth. He was not quite hard yet. He told me that he wanted me to suck on it to make it hard but not cum. I was not permitted to use my hands and my hands had to remain on my lap. He told me that tonight, whenever I am put into the kneeling position I am not allowed to use my hands at all. That he was in full control of the mouth fucking. Then he told me "as a matter of fact, you are not allowed to use your hands at all tonight, that he was in control of everything that happens tonight."

I sucked on his cock until he was nice and hard and tasted some precum on the tip. Then he pulled away. He told me to stand up and he reached his hand down to my pussy and felt it wet again. See, I told you all I need is a cock in my mouth to make my pussy wet.

He led me back onto the mattress platform and told me to get on my knees and elbows. He also told me that this will be the last time of the night that he will speak to me. He told me that the rest of his commands will be by him leading my body into certain positions for his play. He asked me if I understood and I nodded yes.

Once I was on my elbows and knees he put his hands on my back and messaged some oil onto it until he got to my ass. My butt plug was still inserted since before I met him tonight. He kissed my ass and then spread both my legs so that he can have better access to the plug. I could feel him turning the plug and trying to pull it out. I felt some pain, but it was enjoyable because at the same time his other hand was fucking my pussy. I was getting aroused by the feel of his fingers in my pussy and him playing with the plug in my ass. Then with a single jerk he pulled out the plug and I yelled out in pain. Then I felt him place a few finger in my ass as it was already stretched out from having the plug inside for over an hour. My pussy was getting really wet now. I then felt him kneel behind me and insert his hard cock right into my ass. Man did that feel good. I groaned in pleasure. He knew I was about to cum so he stopped his play immediately. He moved me to the kneeling position while he laid in front of me on his back. Then he used his hands to push me back down on my elbows and knees only to find his cock at my face. He used his hands to push my mouth closer to his cock and then all the way down on it so that it reached the back of my throat.

After a few thrusts up and down on his cock he released my head a bit to allow me to lick the tip of it and put a little bit of spit on it. Then I licked up and down the sides of it. With each touch of my tongue his cock jumped with excitement. I then placed my mouth on the tip using my tongue to roll around the top and sides while inside my mouth. I heard him groan with pleasure. I then felt him use his hand to hold the bottom of his cock and rubbed his balls. Then just before he was ready to cum he pushed my head off his cock and moved it down towards his balls. He wanted me to suck on his balls. I could feel him getting even harder. Then I felt his hand on my head and he pushed my face down hard on to his balls. I know by that signal he wanted me to suck his balls fully. Then he continued to rub his own cock and hit it against my forehead while I sucked on his balls. The then pushed my mouth off of his balls as soon as I felt his balls starting to release his cum. He was now hitting his cock against my lips, so I proceeded to open my mouth and he aimed his cock towards my mouth but, did not put it inside. He wanted me to catch each steam he released into my mouth.

I tried to catch all of what he had to offer, but, I missed and some landed on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. He then took the back of my head and again pushed it back down on his cock and he held it there for a short time. I sucked as hard as I could. By this action I knew he wanted me to clean him off with my mouth. He did not want one speck of cum on his cock.

After I was done cleaning off his cock, he moved off the bed. He turned me over onto my back and spread my legs as far as they would go. I felt him move in between my legs and started to fuck my pussy with his tongue and my ass with the plug. He did not fully insert the plug but was pushing it in and out of my ass. He tapped my clit as I was already to climax and that was his permission to allow me to cum. Right away, I could feel myself loosing control. I knew I was Cummins hard because I could feel it drip down my left leg. He then started to suck on my entire pussy and got each and every bit of my cum into his mouth. Then I felt him insert a finger into my pussy and then put the finger to my mouth. He wanted me to taste my own cum and taste how sweet I am as he keeps telling me.

He slapped my ass softly telling me that he wanted me to stop Cummins. I then felt him put one finger at a time inside my drenched pussy. Eventually he was able to fit his entire hand in my pussy. I screamed out when I felt his entire hand up inside my pussy. He whispered in my ear, "cum as often as you want." I was able to feel his hand flex and fist inside me. He moved his fingers deep inside me. I felt some pain but it was a good pain. I moved my body down more onto this hand allowing his hand to be forced him deeper and deeper till WOW, it popped inside. I screamed, squirted and creamed all at the same time. There was cream all over his hand non stop for over a minute while he wriggled his fingers inside me. He was deep inside that one of his fingers made it inside my cervix. Once I felt that, my orgasms were uncontrollable. Then all of a sudden, I felt his tongue on my clit and he was licking and sucking it.

I came so hard that started to tire badly, exhausted and dehydrated. He hit my leg hard and that told me that he wanted me to cum hard one more time. Then I felt him hit my G spot and there it came, cum just pouring out of me and down his arm, the hardest most intense feelings I have ever felt. He then rolled me over onto my hands and knees. He still had his hand up in my pussy. Then all of a sudden I collapsed. I must have passed out. When I came to, I was so tired and out of it I did not know who was who and what was happening or where I was. I was only in existence. The rest I did not know what happened until later on.

If you remember from the beginning of my story, I was blindfolded in my friend's van and drove to a place I did not know. Well, it turned out to be his house. I thought we were alone the entire time and that I was only with him, but, I was wrong. The heat that I felt in the room after relaxing outside were lights. The entire event was being filmed. My friend let me watch it in private after the evening was over and after I had showered and got dressed again. It turned out that there were 3 other people there. Two of them were guys and one was a woman. I sucked all the men there including my friend, and the female sucked on my pussy along with the rest of the guys. That explains why my friend did not allow me to use my hands at all. I would have been able to tell the difference and probably would not have followed through on anything we did tonight.

I was now able to see what happened after I had passed out from exhaustion. This is what happened. My friend was the one that had his fist deep inside me and was moving his hand vigorously inside my pussy and fingering my cervix. While one of the other men were fucking my ass. Apparently I awoke each and every time I came. Then passed out again. My friend knew I was OK because he kept checking my breathing. My friend removed his fist from my pussy and rolled me over onto my back. Now I had the female eating my pussy out and finger fucking it. One guy straddled me and held my tits together and fucked my tits and came on my chest and chin. The other two of them were jerking off on the side of me and both came on my face.

When I woke up, there were no lights, no cameras and my friend and I were alone. He was slowly fucking my pussy with his cock and then pulled out just before he was ready to cum and inserted his cock into my mouth. He told me to suck it all off. I was a little surprised because when I woke up my blind fold was off. When I watched the tape I now knew that the blind fold came off when they knew I was out cold.

After I had watched the video, I went with my friend into his van, and he drove me back to my car. He said he liked the way we did it this time, with me not knowing where I was being brought to. It added more to the unknown


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