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Naughty Candid Camera

Naughty Candid Camera

If you have spent any time here at Tempting Dreams you know that we attempt to walk a fine line between art and reality. It's not easy to do but an effort we think is important none the less. As an erotic social network we want people to explore their erotic creativity but we also want to maintain the personalities of those involved.  To that end we have sprinkled some of these candid photos in our profile. We hope you enjoy them and find that our true personalities really show through.
Also,  in keeping with tradition we have included a steamy exhibitionism story to accompany these candid ,  public nudes entitled:  Naughty Candid Camera

Fun and Sexy Story For These Candid Public Flashing Photos Entitled: Naughty Candid Camera

I got up early on Saturday to get a formidable dent into the chores. I needed to mow and go through the annual check of the sprinklers to see if any were damaged by the handful of below freezing days from February.

I decided against shorts as the wind was still chilly. Jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt were the apparel of choice. But, as the morning wore on and the sun got higher and hotter, I lost the sweatshirt and I rolled up the short sleeves of my faded t-shirt. It was a gorgeous day and it held so much promise.

My wife, Kate, was to take the kids to a birthday event. She waved and got my attention. I let go of the bar on the mower and shut the engine down. I heard birds in the absence of the machine. Kate looked fantastic. She was dressed for the casual, social outing in her black tank top, jeans, and sunglasses. I love it when she accentuates her large breasts and doesn't try to hide them. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She hollered from the deck, "Josh, I'm taking the kids now. I'm not sure I'll be back much before dinner. So, you're still gonna bbq, right?"

"Yeah, as soon as I'm done mowing I'll come in and marinate the meat. Should I bbq the artichokes, too?"

"Please do. Pasta Salad is in the fridge. I'll call you later when I know more about what time we'll be home," she stated while wiggling her pink cell phone out in front of her.

"Cool. I have a ton to do. But I'll try and finish up early enough to start dinner," I lied. For as soon as I'm done with the lawn and the sprinklers, I intended on opening a beer and taking a nap in the sun. Some solitude and quiet was the real agenda, not more chores. Besides, I was way to white. I needed some sun on my skin.

"Thank you," she said with the 'you' trailing into the house and out of earshot.

"Later," I said to nobody and bent down to restart the mower. It took two pulls to restart this old thing. It isn't the best mower, but it works. I looked up to see the kids through the sliding glass door, grabbing their wrapped presents, and bouncing toward the front of the house to go to their party. I examined how much mowing I had left and leaned into the handle. It took me about 25 minutes to finish what remained. I pushed the mower back into the garage and closed the garage door.

I got lucky with the sprinklers. I only had to replace one head, which was no big deal. I was done by noon. I wandered inside for a beer, something to eat, and to prep for dinner. At 12:30, I grabbed a beach towel from the linen closet and headed back outside.

There is a spot in the backyard where one can layout on a towel in the grass and not be seen by the neighbors. Our house sits at the top of a hill so we are above just about everyone. The whole yard slopes from one side to the other so it provides a perfect angle to get a bit of sun down at the lower corner. The fence is high at that point and the tall Cypress trees offer a thick, green backdrop along the back border. It is a peaceful spot.

I splayed out the towel. I took off my shoes, socks, t-shirt, and jeans, leaving me in my boxers. I folded my jeans to act as a pillow for my head. I took a big swig from my beer bottle, cradled it into my shoe, and flopped down on the blanket. The sun was just warm enough. The warmth felt good on my skin. There was a slight, cool breeze and I listened to the subtle movement of it in the wind chime. Distant dogs barked. A far away neighbor was mowing, too. After a few minutes, I felt a bit more comfortable and relaxed, so I removed my boxers. I was now nude.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at my penis and balls. I've kept my balls shaved since my vasectomy a couple of years ago. Smooth is better than hairy any day in my book. I thought about sunburn, but didn't really care at the moment. I fell back down, took off my sunglasses, and closed my eyes with my hands behind my head. Sleep was next on the agenda.

"Yo! Josh!"

It was a female voice. I thought for a minute it was part of a good dream featuring a former girlfriend in a bikini. I was a bit groggy and slightly aroused.

"Does Kate know you do this?" the voice laughed from the above deck.

I was startled into reality. I flipped over onto my stomach in an attempt at modesty. I squinted up towards the house as my hands slapped the ground in search of my sunglasses. I found them and put them on while stammering, "Uhm.... Uhmmm. What's wrong with getting a little sun?"

I immediately recognized our close friend Lori, dressed in an appropriate sundress for spring. She was leaning out over the rail. In doing so, her cleavage was even more pronounced.

Lori and Kate occasionally work together in the professional world. She lives just down the street and is a frequent, unannounced, yet always a welcomed, visitor. She is about ten years younger than me, being in her mid-30s, and single. She teases the kids and hits us up for dinners one or two weeknights a week. It is, however, strange to see her on the weekends.

"Obviously, your home alone," Lori giggled.

I was a bit embarrassed and answered sternly, "Can't do this with the kids around, now can I."

"Relax. Don't get up, please," she snickered. "Do you want me to leave? I just came by to see what you guys had going on. My house is tented for bugs. The landlords forgot to tell me about the fumigating, so I needed a place to go. Actually, I need a bathroom." She paused. She held up a bottle of Chardonnay, "I brought Kate a bottle of her wine."

"She took the kids to that birthday party. She won't be back 'til nearly dinner time," I informed her. My penis was shrinking between my stomach and the blanket as a result of my predicament.

After a second of awkward silence, Lori cleared her throat saying, "I should go."

"Will you be joining us for dinner tonight," I asked quickly. I didn't really want her to go, despite the fact that I was naked. "Tri-tip and artichokes!"

"Yeah, if I can," she asked and turned back toward me to talk. I could tell she was sort of checking out my nudity. She looked around at the neighbor's houses. From the deck you can see over the fences. She looked back at me.

"Then stay. Come sit in the sun with me. I'll put my boxers back on if you want."

She thought for a second, "Sure. Let me use the bathroom first." She turned and started for the opened slider. Her dirty-blond streaked hair bounced behind her.

I enthusiastically followed her with my voice, "Grab a towel from the closet. And a beer if you want one."

She was inside before I finished. I propped my chin on my folded hands and watched the slider from behind my sun glasses in anticipation of Lori's presence for sunbathing. I was eager to see some of her skin, if nothing more than some cleavage and leg. I listened for the flush. I heard the linen closet door shut. I recognized the familiar flap of the refrigerator closing and the sound of one, then two beers being opened. She emerged from the open slider and skipped down the stairs from the deck to the grass. I stayed on my stomach and watched her approach.

"Do I have to be nekid?" she joked.

"No," I responded. "Be as comfortable as you want. I'm sure Kate has suit somewhere, if you...."

"Not needed, thank you," she interrupted. She dropped the towel from under her arm and handed me a beer. "Here."

"Thanks." I reached up, took hold of the bottle, and placed it in my other shoe.

Lori set her beer in a divot in the grass. She then dropped a tube of sunscreen by my elbow, "You might think about using some. That ass of yours is gonna to burn."

"You're smarter than I am. I thought about going back into the house but figured I'd remember on my next beer run inside," I overly explained while watching her spread out her towel near me. She angled it a bit away from mine, however, as the sun had shifted a bit. I'd move mine, but that would require getting up and I was not ready to expose myself again quite yet.

"Neighbors can't see you here, huh?" she asked scouting out from this vantage point.

I answered, "No. I suppose if they wanted to really look they could find a way. But, honestly, I didn't care at the time and .... " She reached under her sundress and pulled down her thong panties. They were blue. She dropped them on her sandals resting next to her towel. She slipped the thin straps off her shoulders and pulled her arms out of the strings.

I continued, "... and, anyway, I wasn't expecting ....." Lori had hooked her thumbs in the material around her breasts and pulled it down to her waist. She shimmied her hips and the dress fell to her ankles. She stepped out onto her towel completely naked.

" ... guests," I finished.

Lori sat down on the towel and folded her dress neatly, setting it to the side. I simply gawked at her. She picked up her beer, "Cheers!"

"To spring!" I toasted back, tapping the neck of my bottle to her beer. She took a long swig. I took notice of her body. Her full breasts were beautiful. She obviously had been under the sun or a lamp wearing a bikini top recently as she had intriguing tans lines already. Her nipples were small, pink and slightly puckered inwards at the tip. She had a slight belly, but obviously worked at keeping her figure toned as her arms and legs had defined shape. She was completely shaved, as far as I could see.

Before, I couldn't turn over because of being caught and embarrassed. Now, shrinkage was definitely not the problem. Turning over would admit being turned on. But Lori was right, my back and ass were going to burn. I had to turn over. One, two, three..... and, I flipped over and sat up on my elbows. I closed my eyes, cocked my head back, and felt the sun on my face.

Lori interrupted my silence, "What do you think Kate would say right now? Would she be upset?"

"Surprised, maybe. Upset, no. She'd be more worried that the neighbors could see. She could care less about us being naked in front of each other. Hell, naked hot tubbing at her place while we were dating was a weekly weekend event with her roommates." I paused, "No, Kate would join us, albeit with a few reservations, I'm sure."

"This is nice. Peaceful," she sighed. She flipped open the bottle of lotion and put a dab in the palm of her hands.

"What time is it? Did you see the clock when you came out?" I glanced over her toward the open sliding glass door. I was trying not to watch her, but the question provided a reason to look her direction. She was massaging lotion into her breasts with large, circular motions. She held one breast in the palm of her hand while applying lotion all around. Then she did the same to the other.

"1:30 when I came out," she replied. She applied lotion to her legs, starting at her calves and working up to her thighs.

I pivoted onto my left elbow and reached across to my shoe with my right. My penis wasn't quite rock hard yet and managed to flop over with the tip resting on the top of my thigh and a bunched up part of the towel. I grabbed my beer for a much needed swig.

Lori put a few more large drops of lotion in her hand and dropped her knees wide to the towel. She then applied lotion to her abs and briefly dipped her right hand down between her legs. I noticed her fingers splayed and the middle finger slide right along the crevice of her hairless pussy lips.

"Enjoying the show?" she teased.

"Hell yeah!" I responded enthusiastically.

She flipped shut the lid to the lotion and extended it toward me, "Lotion? You should."

"Yeah, I know. I should," I agreed. Setting my beer back in my shoe I picked up the lotion. I sat up and applied the flowery smelling stuff on my arms, chest, legs, stomach, and completed the action by stroking my slippery hands around my penis. A barely audible, "Uhmmm," escaped from my throat. I quickly closed the lid and tossed the tube between us in the grass.

Lori was now reclined back down with her hands by her sides and breasts moving slightly as she breathed. She glistened. I wasn't sure she had seen me fondling myself or not. I put my head back on my jeans and soaked in the sun. We talked randomly about nothing and everything, laughing occasionally, but keeping the conversation light. Sometimes we were just silent.

"Josh," she interrupted the quiet, "I hate to ask... No, actually, I'm..." She sounded at a loss for words. She eventually just blurted, "Would you put lotion on my back? I'm not trying to hit on you or anything."

"Oh, sure," I stammered. She flipped over quickly. Her butt jiggled nicely. She looked over her shoulder and over her sunglasses at me. I rose up to my knees with my penis pointing straight out. I carefully positioned myself over her nude body. She reached back and pulled her hair into a ponytail with her fist.

"Control yourself, 'kay?" she stated.

"Yep," was all I could muster in return.

I put some lotion in my palms and started on her shoulders. I had to remind myself this wasn't a massage. This was lotion application. I worked the lotion down her back, straying only slightly down the sides. I added a dollop of more lotion onto her butt and she giggled.

"Sorry. I can't help it. You'll burn," I stated in some form of authoritative voice.

I no longer tried to be delicate. I just wanted to do a thorough job. I noticed she parted her legs a bit. I ventured slightly down her thighs, but stopped. She could do the rest.

"You're done?" she asked, sounding a little girlish.

"I better be. If I do that again, I will not be able to control myself, like you asked. Plus, going further borders on cheating on my wife. I will not do that unless ... ," I stopped. "Well, that just can't happen."

"Fine!" she pretended to pout. Her lower lip extended. She was teasing me. She let go of her hair, resting her face on the towel again.

"But," I paused for dramatic effect, "you can do my back. My front is cooked."

"Sure thing," she replied. Lori pushed herself to her knees. I watched her breasts sway slightly as she crawled over to my side. Her knees came to rest at my ribs and just below my arm at my arm pit. She squirted some lotion on my back. Her hands were small and slippery. It felt good to be touched. Slowly she worked the lotion lower and onto my ass. She slapped it announcing she was finished.

"Hey!" I laughed. Lori scooted back to her towel and sat up with her legs spread wide, the bottoms of her feet together. It was obvious to me she was now showing herself on purpose. We continued our talking and laughing. But all the while, I noticed she was getting a bit antsy. She would occasionally trace her fingers over a nipple or wander down between her legs to caress herself. I pretended not to notice, although my cock gave it away that I was watching the very subtle show intently.

"I can't leave you two alone for a minute," came Kate's voice from the deck.

"Oh, my god," screeched Lori and she quickly flipped back onto her stomach in order to face Kate up on the deck. "Are the kids here?" She started grabbing for her dress. I rolled over for my boxers.

"It's alright. Slow down. Calm down," Kate was almost laughing. "The kids are spending the night at the Kendall's. They aren't here." She stated flatly. "I have some questions, but calm down. I'll be down there in a minute," and she walked back into the house. I heard her keys drop on the kitchen counter.

"Are we in trouble?" asked Lori.

"No. We'll need to provide her with an explanation though. This does look wrong," I stated matter of fact.

"We didn't do anything wrong, really," she continued.

"Relax, Lori, relax. Just tell her the truth. We didn't have sex or anything ... yet!" I teased.

I could tell she glared at me through her sunglasses. She picked up her beer and stuck her tongue out at me before finishing off the bottle. I laughed and turned over on my back, completely exposed and only slightly shrinking. But, I just didn't care at that point.

It took quite a few minutes, but eventually Kate emerged onto the deck in her bikini, a glass of wine, and another towel. "Josh, honey, I don't want to lay on the grass. Can you bring my deck chair out for me?"

"Sure" I answered. "See," I whispered to Lori. I walked up the slope and took hold of the deck chair in question being careful not to clam shell my privates.

I placed the chair on the other side of Lori near her head. She was still lying on her tummy. Everyone stayed silent. I went back to my towel and repositioned it to better line up with the sun. Lori was suppressing giggles. I had a big smile on my face.

Kate carefully and deliberately folded her towel over the chair and sat down with her wine and took a sip. Then she asked what we were all waiting for, "So, tell me, how did you two come to be naked out here? ... together?"

Lori giggled louder, "I walked out on the deck and found him sleeping here all naked and everything."

I teased back, "And I used my irresistible charm and convinced her to join me."

Kate smiled, took another sip of wine, and used her best sarcastic voice, "I see. I hope I'm not disturbing any other plans you two have for today."

"You're looking at it," I replied looking over the top of my sunglasses. "You're not gonna nude up, too?"

"Maybe," Kate drawled. "We'll see. Oh my god, I have to tell you. Sarah Kendall is pregnant. Again. Their fourth, can you believe it? She ...." And the gossip started. Kate and Lori are notorious gossips at times. So, I zoned out on the conversation for a bit and concentrated on the sun and watching Lori gab with my wife. Lori turned back over on her back. I noticed her nipples were a little more pointed than before.

I needed another beer, so I started to get up and interrupted their conversation, "Either of you need more to drink?"

"Yeah, I'll have more," answered Kate as she stuck her arm out with an empty glass.

"I'll move to wine, too," replied Lori. "And go ahead and open that bottle I brought, if you need to."

And they moved right back into talking. I grabbed my discarded clothes and empty bottles and wandered up the yard, onto the deck, and into the cool house. After a pit stop in the restroom and a check in the mirror to see how burned I might be, I walked into the kitchen to refresh the beverages. It felt strange to walk around the house naked. With kids, it is simply never an option.

Out in the yard, Kate was now standing. She had already removed her bikini top and was about to slide down the bottoms. Her full breasts were very white. Actually, most of Kate is white. She doesn't do sun well and or very often. She took a quick look around to make sure she wasn't being observed from over the fence tops and dropped the bikini down to the grass. There was zero in the way of tan lines, so she looked very white. Kate sat back down quickly. I could hear laughter from both of them.

I refreshed the beverages and walked back out and down to join the little nudist colony in the backyard. "Your beverages, ladies."

"Oh, look. It's our cabana boy," teased Lori.

Kate mocked, "Where do we leave a tip?"

"Oh, I can't accept money. Cabana policy. I can only accept deep appreciation for services," and I bowed slightly while handing Kate her wine glass. My penis dangled half erect in front of her. She reached for it.

"This kind of appreciation?" and she used her free hand and grasped my cock stroking it lightly. She turned her head away and sipped her wine. I stood there with a beer in one hand, Lori's wine in the other, and my cock hardening to Kate's manipulations. I noticed how her breasts jiggled.

Lori tilted her head back looking at us from below. "I don't mean to interrupt, but can I have my wine now .... Sir? Can I have my wine?" I wasn't listening. "Kate, please let go of the cabana boy so he can give me my wine," she scolded. Kate opened her hand and I groaned slightly to the abrupt lack of touch. I was now completely erect.

I back stepped a bit and bent on one knee to hand Lori her wine. She sat up on her left elbow and took the glass with her right hand. "Oh, tip him. Girl, give the nice server his tip!" demanded Kate.

Both Lori and I looked over at her. "Are you serious?" asked Lori.

"What?" I said blankly.

"Tip him. I want to watch you tip him," Kate said in a much more serious tone.

"Kay-yate!" Lori begged.

"Loo-reeee," mimicked Kate in return with her head bouncing like a teenager trying to get her way. Kate's ponytail flipped back and forth behind her head. "Tip him. I wanna watch.... Now!... And throw me that lotion before I burn to a crisp." Kate was not to be denied her voyeurism.

I picked up the lotion from the grass and handed it over to Kate. I looked back at Lori. Lori looked at me. I halfway shrugged my shoulders like a kid admitting there was no way out of this and why not just do it. Lori giggled again.

She took a gulp of wine from her glass, "Get on both knees right here." She patted the grass next to her, between Kate's chair and her towel, "and hold this," as she extended out her glass to me. I took hold of her glass and shuffled my knees closer to where she patted the ground.

Lori looked over at Kate. Kate made a motion like "I'm waiting. Go on!" Lori looked straight ahead at my erection and reached out with both hands. One delicately cradled my balls from underneath while the other grabbed the base with her fist. She had much smaller hands than Kate, as Lori is somewhat petit in frame. My cock was just inches from her face, yet she made no attempt at a blowjob. She was content to just use her hands.

I heard a splurge sound from the bottle of lotion. As subtly as I could, I shifted my gaze over to Kate. She was massaging lotion into her beautiful breasts with both hands. Her fingers and thumbs occasionally pinching the nipples in unison. I couldn't see her eyes through her sunglasses, but I'm sure she was watching Lori's hands on my cock.

And Lori was doing a masterful job. The hand on my shaft had a wonderful motion to it. She would take it all the way to the top and off the tip. Then she'd compress the tip and just go up and down over the head for a few strokes before dropping her hand all the way back down to the base. From there she'd use her entire palm and go up and down from top to bottom, before concentrating on the head again. With the other hand, she played with my shaved balls. The balls started out hanging in the sack, however, as her ministrations continued they got tighter and closer to the shaft. From there her fingers trailed a bit farther under me with the tips caressing my anus and then back out to the balls. I widened my stance a bit to encourage her further. But she maintained this pattern for a few more minutes.

"I need some lotion on this boy," Lori said and Kate handed me the bottle, "and don't spill my wine."

Lori opened her hands, little fingers together, palms up. I squeezed a few drops in her palms. I figured she was going to use the lotion as lubricant on my penis. However, she applied the lotion directly to the inside of her breasts. Over my shoulder I heard Kate giggle into her wine glass.

"Come on! Straddle me!" Lori ordered. "Stick you cock right here." She lifted her breasts with her hands and pushed them together. Then she looked at me and waited. I slipped my penis up and in the crevice. She squeezed her breasts around my cock. It felt amazingly tight and slippery. It was a bit awkward but I started to swivel my hips up and down to make my penis piston in and out of her cleavage. I happily groaned in approval of the feeling. I still had Lori's wine glass in my hand.

I looked over at Kate for a minute. "Don't spill her wine," she responded to my look. Kate had one hand massaging a breast, the other between her spread thighs. Her middle finger was hooked deep inside her pussy. Her hand left her breast to pick up her wine glass for a brief sip. She quickly set it back down and immediately returned her fingers to her nipples.

My gaze went back down to Lori. She licked her lips.

"Thirsty?" I asked.

"Yes, please," she replied.

Without stopping my motion with my hips, I took her glass and placed it at her lips. She tilted her head back slightly while I tipped the wine glass. She sipped it.

I was getting close. Lori started playing with those puckered nipples and squeezing those breasts together even harder. That action put me over the edge.

"I'm cumming," I warned.

"And then your tip, Cabana Boy, will be complete," she seductively replied.

I made one final thrust upwards. The head of my penis peaked through the top of her cleavage. The first spurt of semen hit the bottom of her chin. I grunted and withdrew and thrust upwards again with another spurt. My legs were about to give out. My abdominal muscles were screaming. I forced my hips up one more time. The last of my cum dribbled out and down on Lori's breasts. I fell back. My butt rested on my heals. I held out Lori's wine glass. She took it from me before I collapsed on my towel to her left.

I lay there, half on the towel, half on the grass, spread-eagled, and tried to catch my breath. Between the sun and the sex, I didn't have the energy to do anything. My head was spinning a bit. I shaded my eyes and looked over to the women. Lori toweled off her chin and breasts. Kate was reclined in her chair. She took another sip of wine.

Lori asked, "Mind if I use your shower?"

"I think we are all going to need one here in a few minutes. Josh, honey, can you walk?" Kate kidded.

"Yeah. I'll be alive here shortly. Lori.... Uhm... thank you." I uttered. It was simple, but it was all I could think of at the moment.

"Your welcome, kind Sir," she answered as she played along. "But, Kate, are we really through with him? I think we might need some cabana boy type help inside, yes?"

"Absolutely. Girls first for the shower, though," Kate said as she rose from her chair. Her breasts swayed as she stood. Lori held a hand up for help. Kate pulled her to her feet.

"Come on, Josh," Lori laughed, "Your services are needed inside."

"Yes. Uhm... my bbq services or something else?" I teased. I was getting hungry among other things.

"Both," came in unison.

And with that, we grabbed the towels, the empty glasses and bottles, the shoes, and the clothes. The three of us wandered, naked, up onto the deck and into the house. Kate was first in the line. Lori was second. I followed them both. The anticipation of what was next had me almost hard again. We were all rather pink and bit sunburned.